Instead of girls, i play around with words.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Funny random stuffs

Finally, a company called me for an interview, and it's Western Digital. As a buyer. I performed the best yesterday out of so many interviews. Because, at least I can explain godlikely what my jobscope is and what a buyer does and all related questions. The building was so friggin big, I sweat walking from 1 lobby to the other. As usual, I did not bring a pen, and I borrowed from this old chinese aunty (receptionist) and she was grumbling like a bitch... "come interview never bring this also can....blahblablalala"... mahai don't want to borrow shuen la... -_-ll

Accessing the office is like going through those scanning etc thingy in the airport. I had to remove all besi items (handphones,coins etc) in the basket for scanning and my bag as well. After that..I need to put on a shoe cover.

Shoe cover (XL size)
WD employees don't wear shoe covers. They wear a common white kasut kain. Everyone. To identify WD workers. Check their shoes. Funny and it did freaked me out a little at first.. hrmm. Anyway everything went well, awaiting confirmation. Please call me. I hate my current company. Kthxbye.

Went for market survey again, and we decided to curi tulangs abit...went to some fish breeder. Interesting. Pictures below.

Glow in the dark Bubba Gump stock.

These are cute. As if they are wearing lipsticks. And that fish at 11 o'clock is smilling. Check out the one at 7 o'clock. Lipstick OD action. LOL.

Random nipis fish.

Love this. I can't see their faces.

Panjang & nipis.

Was waiting for my colleauges to finish their job when we were doing this market survey thingy..and was browsing browsing till I approach...sanitary pads. And I took pictures of them. People were looking at me, weird stares. But I didn't give a shit. The words on the pads packaging are way too funny. For me. At least.

This pad even stops you from "lai si". Back leakage, only girls know what's that. We guys normally, don't know. Imagine your GF/wife asked you to buy for her when she's not in the shop with you.
BF : "Hun, which is it that you need...?"
GF : "What do you have there..??"
BF : "I got this....ermm..hey this looks cost efficient, you can even try to shit on it and your shit won't come out, good for cirit birit!!"
GF : ........................................ *hangs up*
U knowla, when girls having period.
This is godlike. "Tak Basah, Tak Tembus"
English translation : When it's not wet, you can't penetrate.

Fish Leong hates to be wet. A fish that hates to be wet will be Ikan Masin.
Ding ding~~ no more wetness.
I hate the Ding Ding part. orz
Your bf wont like this as well.
BF : "Hey hun, sorry for just now...I really don't know... so...."
GF : "It's ok... just get me something... it's getting bad....get me INTIMATE"
BF : "the one with Fish Leong's face on it...?"
GF : "AHHHHH! come on, I don't care whether her face in ON THE PAD, JUST BUY IT!! I NEED IT!!!"
BF : "Okay... but....after you use it.... you can't get can we...."
GF : "............................" *hangs up*

Mana boleh dicuci?

HAHAHHAHA. This sounds like a warning.

Ogay... enough of colleauge laughed at me, "dude, WTF are you taking pictures of KOTEX!!!!" lolx.
Last but not least, a comment from my manager cum baby sitter (I had to call him this after what I saw) when I was late for work that day for 2 minutes. (yes, effing two minutes ONLY)
"Please wake up early" Okay mama~~ SWT.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tonight, we dine in hell.

No, I'm not gonna say "finally ~~ im back to blogging..."

I'm here because, I have words to say, feelings to share and important dates to post.

Felt like crap for more than 24 hours already...and fin-fucking-nally, I'm sick, but not sick enough to get a day off from work. I'm starting to hate my job. Too much work, and my pay can barely buy myself , my girlfriend, a gift every month. Let's not talk bout money, it hurts feelings. Next.

I've so many 2010 Lum Soon Kenn reconstrutions. I've achieve none. Standing ovation please. Thank you.

Let me list down my to-dos. Yeaps, you're not interested, I'm just posting it online so I won't lose it. I'm a very unorgasm-nized person. Very Super forgetful.

Ok, let's go, hardest to easier to dos.

1. Make her feel she's the luckiest woman that's still breathing.

2. Quit fagging by August 2020 2010

3.Better pay cheque

4.T-Shirt business -> from myth to true story.

Can't think of anything anymore. I swear I've a longer list when I thought of it. I forgot everything again already.

Did not talk to her since yesterday, so called big war going on...

I stoned looking at the monitor for more than 30 minutes. I can't think of what to type.

It's been 7 months! Time really flies. Hoho!!!

can't believe the fact that I've been giving her shits for 7 months. SOrry!!!

See, men are pure fucktards, they never plan to surprise/ bring her out for a nice romantic dinner IF their partner IS NOT angry. I'm a man, so...... ahem, yeah. Hope the next one is another biggie for her after the Cheki experience. *pouts* Pondering real hard here!!
Here's some cheki we took.

Some random outings with her.

She made something for me (before we called for war), really cute and she put loads of effort in it and it's really cute!
My car charm
Nice driving around with this lil thing when she's not around. Feel her around in a way.
Heck. Better off for some sleep before the rain stops, loves the sound of it. Mother nature's lullaby. Nite peops.

Monday, February 8, 2010

55 5 months

In another few hours, we'll be officially attached for 5 months. Curse me babehh~ I broke your spell! *proud*!!! Nyehehe!

And of course....

There are....

Many things that I can't do but I said it,
Many things that I've promised and break it,
Many things that I've commit but you can't see it,
Many things that I've said but you can't feel it.

But I'm sure you know that...

When I said it, I meant it,
When I promised, I ACCIDENTLY broke the promise, and always, later, fulfill it,
When I do so much, I expect you to at least praise me for it (most of the time you will :> )
When you can't feel it, I will keep saying it.

I'm sure every reader out there, sacrificed so much for your loved ones and you thought whatever you did, can't be seen or felt by your partner. They do, actually, they just don't show it. Not immediately after a big fight though depending on your luck.

But I swear, your "hard work" pays off well after a week or two. Don't tolerate them, accept them for who they are, like how you accept the fact that the one you're kissing good night every night is the one that you hate the most when you're arguing/fighting/boxing/slapping/spitting at/ kicking/cursing at/screaming etc.

Trust me loyal readers, they don't mean a single hurtful fucked up, chowcheebye sohai niamagehai lanjiao imba words they said through the phone or right at your fuck face =)

At the end of the day, they will be the one you want to see most and you would do anything just to listen to them saying Fuck off! Cheebye "I Love you" to you again, right?

No, I'm not trying to say that we fight alot, but it's a norm in every relationship. And yes, she's I'm effing into me her!

p/s: I love you. =')

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy 2010

To Us.

2010 will be filled with joy, love, laughter and all the good things if I'm spending every single day with you.

She's been a great companion
She's been a wonderful partner
She's a loving girlfriend
She's a great joker
She's guai lan
She's someone that makes me feel good
She's the one I miss when she's not around
She's always there to hear my problems
She's loves me
She's always in my mind
She's a food lover
She's my girlfriend =)

BTW baby, please bring me go eat Samurai Chao Kway Teow Ala Melayu Tahun 80-an basah tanpa rasa Rawang hebat k? Mwa! ^^

Happy new year to all.


MakaHAIYARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! She's one son of a mother fucking chow cheebye kaneh pooniaboo pundek kimak babi toyol sial salina papaya BITCH lor!

Went home one random Sunday to fetch my brother out for movie i guess, err..or is it for ARGHHH FTS that's not important!! parked side to side with my car INFRONT MY MY HOUSE! PLEASE TAKE NOTE! I FUCKING REPEATO RAMA!! MAHAI INFRONT OF MY HOUSE AND I DOUBLE CON-LAN-FIRM I DID NOT PASS THE FUCKING HELL BORDER!!

Went in duduk and cakaps wid mama~ then, can hear her fucking Vulva i mean VOLVO, vroom vrrooom so 7 loud i really wanted to chung outside and shout "Vrrooom leiloumou ge hai MIEEEEE" ..................................

Fine, we thought she was going out, we thought! She's fucking unpredictable like Magnum 4-D. Macauhai...guess what she did, Just reversed i can't reverse out. Kindly refer to picture below.

Cheebye!! it's impossible for me to get out without banging every side of the babe's car!! And guess IT the bitch, sat infront of her house..folded her arms.. and looked at how are we gonna get out... MAKAHAIYARRRR... I managed to snap a picture of IT.. enjoy!

Mahai..damn pissed... had to reverse my car so the babe's car is able to get out without any scratch... lei lou mou ge bin tai hai yar~~ (translation: your mother's insane pussy ar)

We left my house..and mom told us that the sohai parked her car back inside... masohai ar.... what the fuck is she trying to prove? what the fuck is in her mind?!?! Please...someone... i'll pay you a million to study her brains like how those sohai studied Beckham's legs. Pleaseeee!!

There's other short stories of her which i have no time to share with my loyal fan of my neighbour. Mom was mincing some pork for dinner in the kitchen.. and guess what the bitch did. Yes. She took something.. banged like how Tom Lee banged Pamela "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM" AND... the most godlike part is.. she shouted... "MIE!! NEI CHAM CHU YUK NGO MOU TAK CHAM AR? (translation: what? you chop babi i cannot chop ar?!?!?) "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM " banging sounds goes on for another 10 minutes...............MIE LANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

Thank GuanYinMa we'll be leaving in another few more months time...the last day, we're gonna held a barbeque party, like how MCA invite their voters. Please. ALL ARE WELCOME. FOODS, BOOZE FREE FLOW. Best thing is! FREE SHOW. FTS!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stepping stones....

Hola!! Finally, home sweet home! Been traveling much for the past few days, Selayang -> PJ -> Rawang -> PJ -> Rawang ->KL->PJ->Rawang->KL->PJ->Office->PJ->Rawang->Office->PJ and so on. Godlike. Had lotsa fun last week, going here and there slacking, chatting from AM to PM, sleeping and waking up beside her, and yes, the Siam style massages (excluding the extra services of course) that I'm already missing right now at this moment.

It's been quite sometime since we spend our night in the club, decided to 4Play after a long consideration and planning plus persuading some friends to go. It was great but the price of the bottle is sky high. 1 bottle is never enough for the forever-alco-thirsty us. So, a bucket of beer as mixer is not bad. Sadly, no one was drunk.

Damn girl, yous a sexy b*tch! LOL.

Woohoo! Pepperlunch. Some godlike Jap fast food chain in Pavillion that offers stone-grilled beef/chicken/salmon rice that costs a fortune. RM40++ for 2 bird portion of rice and 2 mini sized cup of drink is crazy. I'd rather go to Chillis, order a meal for one and share with the babe, and I guarantee I will be more filled up than eating @ Pepperlunch, and if I don't, I'll just bottom a few cups of coke since it's free flow to get myself bloated. But I cannot deny the fact that it tastes yummy.

"We paid so much and we still have to cook ourselves? This is ridiculous!!" *Kept stirring & adding yummy sauces into the rice, rolls eyes* It's great hearing those sizziling sounds from your food, eventually, it made it sound and looks tastier.

"Liar! The salmon on the menu board is much more compared to what I'm eating now!!"
Before I experienced how small the portion is in Pepperlunch, she told me she can finish 2 sets and I laughed at I truly understands. =/

Why buy a lighter to light your fags when you have a hot chiq like her?

Seriously I reco stone-grilled meals for all camwhorers out there. Why. You camwhore for 15-20 minutes with your food and it will be still hot enough to burn your lips.

Movie->Carl's JR->Balik.


Her new toy with my new SiGua cap.

It's great spending time with your loved ones, either your family or your partner. But, to me, there's no way you can give 100% love to each side. Theres only 1 hundred percent. You divide that hundred percent to the one that you love the most. Don't blame me for not giving or spending my time much on here and there, you or them. Will sort it out ASAP.

And to her,

I'm sorry that I'm always not there,
I'm sorry that I'm so hard to bear,
I'm sorry that I don't seem to care.

Like I told you, it's abit old school but it's true, I still can't really believe that we made it as a pair!

And, told you, I can improve everything, slowly! Right? Nothing can't be done. It's only the matter whether you want to do it, or not.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

P/S : Guess What... :)

Foooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~ Finally, I'm back blogging~ can't even remember the last time I sat here and smoke and blog the hell outta me, hrm! Been busy being me and was sick for the past few days and is.. still... sick. I didn't feel November until today I realize it at my office today when I checked my calendar, I'm turning to the last page for year 2009. Time flies. Nothing much happened last month, and finally my hair is at the right length, my zits are gone for good thanks to me babe and .... my goatie is no longer goatie.... I don't know how to describe it.. so I'll settle down for AV girls pubes without's getting bushier than ever and im loving it. Eventhough it looks like pubes and the babe don't quite like it but some guys still envy me having facial hair. Right? Thanks.

Do I look like an italian porn star with all the hair on my face?

And the tahap guai lan-ness of my dear Miku Chin is beyond godlike. She had this permanent marker on her hands one day... and...and...she conteng-ed whatever on sight. And yes... that smiley on the ceiling of my car. Thanks Baby~ I love u! I heard you wanna change the colour of your car right? I've got Nippon paints. I'm gonna PIMP YOUR RIDE one fine day!! arghhh!! and she painted my nails PINK with a hailat-ter highligther. Nice.

And I was sooooo kind hearted and lovely teman-ed her study and I even did her assignment for her.. and this is how she repay my kindness... again..her guai lan hands.. conteng-ed my body and she added new inks on my ink... please...don't laugh.


Well~~ as long as it made you laugh hun =)

She Her Bangs! Nice